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Rocket Science Realtor!

Having been a successful ‘hands on’ Real Estate Investor for over thirty years, Chip became a Realtor a number of years ago to share his experience and help his Clients achieve Financial Independence and Stability through Home Ownership, Investment Real Estate Acquisitions and Property Development / Management.

Chip is extremely Detailed and Thorough; well versed in ‘The Art of the Deal’, Getting it Done! He Possesses strong Transactional, Technical and Financial Skillsets.

Studied Advanced Negotiations at the Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University, has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from University of Massachusetts, Post Graduate Studies in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Business and Finance.

In addition to his Real Estate endeavors; Chip has Started, Owned, Grown, and Successfully Sold Multiple Multi-Million Dollar Engineering, Manufacturing and Products Based Businesses. He has been involved in both Small and Large Scale Building Development and Construction Projects around the globe.  He holds a portfolio of Residential and Commercial Investment Income Producing Properties.

Chip is also a bonified Retired Rocket Scientist and Systems Engineer.  Played a vital role as a member of the Space Shuttle Systems Engineering & Integration Launch Team at the Kennedy Space Center.

Chip enjoys Motorcycling, Outdoor Adventure Sports, Boating, Skiing, Hockey, Travelling, Mentoring and spending time with Family and Friends.

If your situation requires a little more than what ‘the average Realtor’ can deliver;

Don’t Dream too Small and give Chip a Call at 386-416-9376.